nLab Mahmoud Zeinalian

Selected publications

Selected publications

On higher Hochschild homology and factorization algebras:

Identifying the cobar construction on singular chains on a topological space with the dg-algebra of chains on its loop space:

On \infty -local systems in the sense of ( , 1 ) (\infty,1) -vector bundles with flat \infty -connections:

On rational homotopy theory for possibly non-nilpotent spaces via deck-Borel-equivariant rational homotopy theory:

On a kind of BV-quantization of the Loday-Quillen-Tsygan theorem and relating to the large N N -limit of Chern-Simons theory:

Relating the Dwyer-Kan loop groupoid-construction to the homotopy coherent nerve-construction:

Weak homotopy equivalences among path connected pointed topological spaces can be detected by singular chain functor C *C_*, provided C *(X)C_*(X) is taken with the structure of a dg-coalgebra,

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