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Generally, given a covering space EXE \to X, a deck transformation is a bundle-automorphism, hence a continuous map δ:EE\delta \,\colon\, E \xrightarrow{\;\sim\;} E fixing the base XX.

Assuming without real restriction that XX is connected, then EXE \to X is a principal bundle with discrete fibers and the deck transformation determines and is determined by the element δ x:E xE x\delta_x \,\colon\, E_x \xrightarrow{\;\sim\;} E_x of the permutation group Aut(E x)Aut(E_x) of its fiber E xE_x over any fixed basepoint xXx \in X.

When the fundamental theorem of covering spaces applies (i.e. when XX is locally path-connected and semi-locally simply-connected topological space) then the fundamental group π 1(X,x)\pi_1(X,x) has a canonical action on this fiber, by a group homomorphism π 1(X,x)Aut(E x)\pi_1(X,x) \xrightarrow{\;} Aut(E_x), and often it is specifically this π 1\pi_1-action which is referred to as being by deck transformations.

In particular, in the case that EXE \to X is the universal cover, then E xπ 1(X)E_x \,\simeq\, \pi_1(X) and EXE \to X is a π 1(X)\pi_1(X)-principal bundle with the fundamental group π 1(X)\pi_1(X) being identified with the group of deck transformations.



A deck transformation or cover automorphism is an automorphism of a covering space relative to the base space.

i.e. if p:EXp\colon E\to X is a cover then a cover automorphism fdeck(p)={f|fAut(E),pf=p}Aut(E)f\in deck(p)=\{f|f\in Aut(E), p\circ f=p\}\subseteq Aut(E) is an automorphism of EE such that pp is invariant under composition with ff.


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