nLab Marco Benini

Selected writings

On self-dual higher gauge theory on Lorentzian spacetimes via ordinary differential cohomology:

On relating homotopy algebraic quantum field theory via local nets of observables to factorization algebras:

Discussion of orbifolding via categorification, in homotopical algebraic quantum field theory:

On rigorous semi-topological 4d Chern-Simons theory via homotopical AQFT:

On 1d AQFT and smooth stacks:

On non-perturbative aspects of the BV-formalism:

On 2d CFT in terms of AQFT on curved spacetimes:

On the time slice axiom in homotopical AQFT:

On model structure on modules for representations of higher local nets of observables in homotopical AQFT:

Formulation of the CS/WZW correspondence in homotopical AQFT:

On AQFT on curved spacetimes in terms of stacks of categories (2-sheaves) of field theories :

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