nLab Micha Berkooz

Selected writings

On chiral fermions in intersecting D-brane models:

On multi trace operators in AdS/CFT:

On Lorentzian orbifolds as target spacetimes in string theory:

  • Micha Berkooz, Dori Reichmann, A Short Review of Time Dependent Solutions and Space-like Singularities in String Theory, Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl. 171:69-87, 2007 (arXiv:0705.2146)

On thermal AdS3/BTZ black holes:

  • Micha Berkooz, Zohar Komargodski, Dori Reichmann, Thermal AdS 3AdS_3, BTZ and competing winding modes condensation, JHEP 0712:020, 2007 (arXiv:0706.0610)

On weight systems on chord diagrams as single trace observables in SYK-model-like dual descriptions of black hole thermodynamics (see at weight systems on chord diagrams in physics):

Specifically on chord diagrams encoding SYK model correlators as representing hyperbolic/holographic content:

  • Micha Berkooz, Mikhail Isachenkov, Vladimir Narovlansky, Genis Torrents, Section 5 of: Towards a full solution of the large NN double-scaled SYK model, JHEP 03 (2019) 079 (arxiv:1811.02584)

  • Micha Berkooz, Nadav Brukner, Yiyang Jia, Ohad Mamroud, A Path Integral for Chord Diagrams and Chaotic-Integrable Transitions in Double Scaled SYK [arXiv:2403.05980]

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