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Mochizuki’s corollary 3.12 or Mochizuki’s inequality is a conjecture by Shinichi Mochizuki in number theory and algebraic geometry that first appeared in his attemped proof of the abc conjecture from inter-universal Teichmüller theory. Mochizuki’s proof of Mochizuki’s corollary 3.12 from inter-universal Teichmüller theory was shown to be incorrect by Peter Scholze and Jakob Stix.


Let EE be an elliptic curve over a number field FF with initial theta data (F¯/F,E F,l,M̲,V̲,V mod bad,ϵ̲)(\overline{F}/F, E_F, l, \underline{M}, \underline{V}, V_{mod}^{bad}, \underline{\epsilon}). Then the following inequality holds:

deg^̲(P q)deg^̲ lgp(P hull(U Θ)) -\underline{\widehat{deg}}(P_q)\leq\underline{\widehat{deg}}_{lgp}(P_{hull(U_\Theta)})

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If Mochizuki’s corollary 3.12 happens to be true, then Szpiro's conjecture and the abc conjecture follow as a consequence.


Lectures on Mochizuki’s inequality:

  • Taylor Dupuy, “A User’s Guide to Mochizuki’s Inequality”, Spring 2019, University of Tennesse Knoxville, Barrett Lectures (slides)

Claim of proof of similar statements:

  • Kirti Joshi, Construction of Arithmetic Teichmuller Spaces III: A Rosetta Stone and a proof of Mochizuki’s Corollary 3.12 [arXiv:2401.13508]

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