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For pp a prime number, the field of complex pp-adic numbers p\mathbb{C}_p is to the p-adic numbers p\mathbb{Q}_p as the complex numbers \mathbb{C} are to the real numbers.


First observe that the ordinary complex numbers \mathbb{C} may be characterized as follows:

the standard absolute value (norm) on the rational numbers \mathbb{Q} uniquely extends to an algebraic closure ¯\bar \mathbb{Q}, and the completion is the complex numbers.

In direct analogy with this:

for pp a prime number and p\mathbb{Q}_p the corresponding non-archimedean field of p-adic rational numbers, then the completion of any algebraic closure ¯ p\bar \mathbb{Q}_p is the field of complex pp-adic numbers p\mathbb{C}_p.

Notice that the completion of the algebraic closure of a normed field is still algebraically closed (Bosch-Guntzer-Remmert 84, prop. See also at normed field – relation to algebraic closure.


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