nLab Severin Bunk

Selected writings

Severin Bunk is working on higher structures in geometry and topology, field theories and mathematical physics, currently at the University of Oxford.

Selected writings

On Higher Prequantum Geometry:

  • Categorical Structures on Bundle Gerbes and Higher Geometric Prequantisation (arXiv:1709.06174)

On smooth ∞-groupoids and their shape via the cohesive path ∞-groupoid:

On principal ∞-bundles:

On variants of differentially concretified higher moduli stacks of ordinary differential cohomology (higher bundle gerbes with connection) with application to higher gauge theory:

On a smooth open/closed functorial field theory exhibiting the string‘s WZW term in a background with D-branes:

On the relation between functorial quantum field theory (axiomatizing the Schrödinger picture of quantum field theory) and algebraic quantum field theory (axiomatizing the Heisenberg picture):

On principal \infty -bundles:

On connections on smooth principal infinity-bundles via splittings of higher Atiyah Lie algebroids:

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