nLab Tristan Hübsch

Selected writings:

On Calabi-Yau manifolds:

On supersymmetry via adinkras:

On the relation of adinkras to Clifford supermodules:

kinetic terms:

The classification of adinkras in terms of graphs and linear codes is due to:

The dimensional reduction of the standard supermultiplets of D=4,𝒩=1D = 4, \mathcal{N} = 1 supersymmetry to adinkraic representations of D=1,𝒩=4D = 1, \mathcal{N}=4:

On Yukawa couplings in string phenomenology for heterotic strings on Calabi-Yau manifolds:

  • Giorgi Butbaia, Damián Mayorga Peña, Justin Tan, Per Berglund, Tristan Hübsch, Vishnu Jejjala, Challenger Mishra, Physical Yukawa Couplings in Heterotic String Compactifications [arXiv:2401.15078]
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