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A Yangian is a certain quantum group that arises naturally in integrable systems in quantum field theory, as well as in semi-holomorphic 4d Chern-Simons theory.


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Yangians for quivers and relation to quantum equivariant cohomology of Nakajima’s quiver varieties:

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Review in the context of AdS-CFT includes

Quiver Yangians appearing in description of Hall algebras of ω\omega-semistable compactly supported sheaves with fixed slope on resolutions of Kleinian singularities:


is discussed that the holomorphically twisted N=1 D=4 super Yang-Mills theory is controled by the Yangian in analogy to how Chern-Simons theory is controled by a quantum group. See at semi-holomorphic 4d Chern-Simons theory.

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