nLab Zhenghan Wang

Selected writings

On modular tensor categories:

On braiding of su(2)-anyons providing universal quantum gates for topological quantum computation:

On topological quantum computation with anyons in Chern-Simons theory:

and with focus on abelian anyons in terms of modular tensor categories:

On identifying topological order via topological entanglement entropy of the ground state:

Introducing the 4d TQFT Walker-Wang model:

On number theoretic aspects of modular tensor categories:

On braid group representations (specifically the Burau representation and its relation to the Alexander polynomial) and their application to topological quantum computation:

A proposal for classifying symmetry-protected anyonic topological order in terms of 2-groupoidal-actions on modular tensor categories:

On adiabatic transformations of certain 2d topological insulators:

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