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Functorial quantum field theory



TQFT of dimension 4.


In analogy to how 3d TQFTs are induced from quantum groups/Hopf algebras/ and generally bialgebras (hence 3-modules, the higher space of quantum states assigned to the point which by the cobordism theorem defines the theory) one may build 4d TQFTs from higher analogs of these, namely models of 4-modules given by algebraic structures such as trialgebras and Hopf categories.



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  • Scott Carter, Louis Kauffman, Masahico Saito, Diagrams, Singularities, and Their Algebraic Interpretations, in “10th Brazilian Topology Meeting, S. Carlos, July 22 26, 1996 (pdf)

Construction via factorization homology from braided tensor categories (with relation to double affine Hecke algebras) is discussed in

From fully dualizable braided tensor categories, via the cobordism hypothesis:

As descriptions of topological insulators/topological phases of matter:

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