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Selected writings

Selected writings

On quantum computation and quantum error correction (and stating the Solovay-Kitaev theorem):

On quantum circuits with mixed quantum states/density matrices:

On quantum error correcting codes associated with planar bulk/boundary systems (precursor to holographic tensor networks):

On computation in general and quantum computation in particular:

Introducing the idea of topological quantum computation with anyons:

Introducing a model with Majorana zero modes in quantum wires (Kitaev spin chain):

and its interacting generalization:

Comprehensive discussion of anyons:

On entanglement entropy as an indicator of topological phases of matter:

On potential experiments detecting uncertainty of fluxes in quantum electromagnetism:

On the classification of gapped Hamiltonians/topological insulators by topological K-theory:

  • Alexei Kitaev, Periodic table for topological insulators and superconductors, talk at: L.D.Landau Memorial Conference “Advances in Theoretical Physics”, June 22-26, 2008, In:AIP Conference Proceedings 1134, 22 (2009) (arXiv:0901.2686, doi:10.1063/1.3149495)

Introducing the notion of short-range entanglement in quantum materials:

  • Alexei Kitaev, Toward Topological Classification of Phases with Short-range Entanglement, talk at KITP (2011) [[video]]

  • Alexei Kitaev, On the Classification of Short-Range Entangled States, talk at Simons Center (2013) [[video]]

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