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As a synonym for morphism

The term arrow is sometimes used as a synonym for morphism, map, and also for directed edge (in a directed graph or quiver).

Abbreviations for the class of all arrows of a category C\mathsf{C} used in the literature include Arr(C)\mathrm{Arr}(\mathsf{C}), Ar(C)\mathrm{Ar}(\mathsf{C}), and Mor(C)\mathrm{Mor}(\mathsf{C}). Note that this is the class of objects of the arrow category of C\mathsf{C}, and the same notations are sometimes used for that whole category.

In computer science

In computer science it may also refer to a concept generalizing monads, see at arrow (in computer science).

Arrows may be viewed as monads relative to the Yoneda embedding, or equivalently as monads in the bicategory of profunctors.

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