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Category theory

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Computer science studies programs and languages to express them, as well as the operation, application and design of computers and computer networks. This includes aspects relating to concurrency, semantics of programming languages, and aspects of mathematical logic.

From the nPOV, computer science is part of the computational trinity, together with logic and category theory.

Some (theoretical) computer scientists


A discussion of foundations of programming languages is in

A suggestion for a classification of structures arising in computer science is in

An old discussion on the n-cat café can be found here. The discussion revolved around

  • Joseph Goguen, A categorical manifesto, Mathematical Structures in Computer Science 1 (1991), 49-67.

for which also see A Categorical Manifesto.

Other aspects are treated in

Logical Methods in Computer Science is an open access journal for papers on Theoretical Computer Science and other areas of Computer Science in which logical methods play a large part.

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