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Selected writings

Tarmo Uustalu is a professor at the Dept. of Computer Science of Reykjavik University. He also has part-time post in the Dept. of Software Science of the Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) as a lead research scientist, taking care of the Lab for High-Assurance Software, in particular the Logic and Semantics Group.

Selected writings

On comonads in computer science:

Introducing relative monads in computer science:

On (co-)monads in computer science (such as the writer monad, reader monad, cowriter comonad, coreader comonad, state monad, …):

On (delta-)lenses in computer science and (co)monadic effects:

On strong monads in computer science:

On graded monads in computer science as enriched relative monads (and on locally graded categories):

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