nLab co-concrete object




For Γ:\Gamma : \mathcal{E} \to \mathcal{B} a functor we say that it has discrete objects if it has a full and faithful left adjoint Disc:Disc : \mathcal{B} \hookrightarrow \mathcal{E}.

An object in the essential image of DiscDisc is called a discrete object.

This is for instance the case for the global section geometric morphism of a connected topos (DiscΓ): (Disc \dashv \Gamma ) : \mathcal{E} \to \mathcal{B}.

In this situation, we say that a co-concrete object XX \in \mathcal{E} is one for which the (DiscΓ)(Disc\dashv \Gamma)-counit of an adjunction is an epimorphism.

The dual concept is the of a concrete object.


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