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The notion of cotopos is dual to that of a topos.

A co-elementary cotopos should be the 1-categorical version of a co-Heyting algebra (which model dual intuitionistic logic), and a co-Grothendieck cotopos should be the 1-categorical version of a coframe (which model closed sublocales in topology).


Co-elementary cotopos

A co-elementary cotopos is a finitely cocomplete cocartesian coclosed category with a quotient object coclassifier.

Co-Grothendieck cotopos

A co-Grothendieck cotopos is a locally small finitely cocomplete category with a small cogenerator, with all small products which are codisjoint and pushout-stable, and where all internal bisimulations have effective subobjects, which are also pushout-stable.


Every cotopos is a protomodular category.


A binary relation RR between sets AA and BB is injective if for all aAa \in A, bAb \in A, and cBc \in B, if R(a,c)R(a, c) and R(b,c)R(b, c) then a=ba = b. A binary relation RR between sets AA and BB is onto if for all bBb \in B there exists an element aAa \in A such that R(a,b)R(a, b). The category of sets and injective onto binary relations is a cotopos.

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  • Mamuka Jibladze, “Cosheaves, coframes, cotoposes: some new facts, some old questions” (web archive)

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