dense subcategory




The concept of a dense subcategory generalizes the concept of a dense subspace from topology to categories. Roughly speaking, a dense subcategory ‘sees’ enough of the ambient category to control the behavior and properties of the latter.

The concept forms part of a related family of concepts concerned with ‘generating objects’ and has some interesting interaction with set theory and measurable cardinals.


There are actually two different notions of dense subcategory DD of a given category CC:

  1. A subcategory DCD\subset C is dense if every object in CC is canonically a colimit of objects in DD.

This is equivalent to saying that the inclusion functor DCD\hookrightarrow C is a dense functor.

An older name for a dense subcategory in this sense is an adequate subcategory.

  1. A subcategory DCD\subset C is dense if every object cc of CC has a DD-expansion, that is a morphism cc¯c\to\bar{c} of pro-objects in DD which is universal (initial) among all morphisms of pro-objects in DD with domain cc.

    This second notion is used in shape theory. An alternative name for this is a pro-reflective subcategory, that is a subcategory for which the inclusion has a proadjoint.


There is also the notion of “dense subsite”, but this is not a special case of a dense subcategory.


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