nLab topologizing subcategory




A full subcategory TT of an abelian category AA is topologizing if

  • it is closed with respect to finite coproducts (taken in AA)

  • with any object, it contains all its subquotients in AA

In particular, it is nonempty: it contains a zero object (which equals to the coproduct of the empty set of objects).

A topologizing subcategory is a thick subcategory in strong sense if it is also closed under extensions.

The terminology topologizing subcategory is (probably) coming from the related notion of a topologizing filter from the localization theory of rings.


The classes of topologizing subcategories, reflective topologizing subcategories and coreflective topologizing subcategories are closed under Gabriel multiplication defined on the class of full subcategories of AA. Given a (not necessarily unital) ring RR, any reflective topologizing subcategory of RR-Mod\mathrm{Mod} is coreflective.

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