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Essentially injective functors

Essentially injective functors


A functor F:CDF\colon C \to D is essentially injective if it is injective on objects “up to isomorphism”, namely on isomorphism classes of objects.


F:CDF\colon C \to D is essentially injective or essentially injective on objects if, for any two objects cc and cc' of CC, if there is an isomorphism F(c)F(c)F(c) \cong F(c') in DD, then ccc \cong c' in CC. (The converse holds trivially, since functors preserve isomorphisms.) Equivalently, a functor is essentially injective if and only if it is injective on isomorphism classes.


Remark on terminology

Some sources call this property “isomorphism reflecting” or “isomorphism creating”. However, such terminology more accurately refers to conservative functors.

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