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Given a presymplectic manifold (X,ω)(X,\omega), the quotient (if it exists suitably) by the flow of the kernel of the presymplectic form ω:TXT *X\omega : T X \to T^* X is the symplectic manifold obtained by gauge reduction. Also called presymplectic reduction

In the interpretation in physics this takes one from a covariant phase space to a reduced phase space.

In constrast, in symplectic reduction one takes the quotient of a pre-specified Hamiltonian action and restricts to the 0-locus of the corresponding Hamiltonians (the momentum map).

Reductions of (pre-)symplectic manifolds:

symplectic geometryphysics
presymplectic manifoldcovariant phase space
\downarrow gauge reduction\downarrow quotient by gauge symmetry
symplectic manifoldreduced phase space
\downarrow symplectic reduction\downarrow quotient by global symmetry
symplectic manifoldreduced phase space


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