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The concept of higher local field is the generalization of that of local field to higher dimension. They are the subject of higher arithmetic geometry.

In particular two-dimensional local field are the analog of loop spaces in arithmetic geometry.

Their examples are ((t))\mathbb{C}((t)), ((t))\mathbb{R}((t)), p((t))\mathbb{Q}_p((t)), 𝔽 q((t))((u))\mathbb{F}_q((t))((u)), etc. All these are naturally associated to a full flag of subschemes on algebraic and arithmetic surfaces.

These fields are not locally compact with respect to any reasonable topology on them. But they are topologically self-dual, similar to the classical local fields. For a collection of articles on all the main aspects of higher local fields known by 2000, see (Invitation to Higher Local Fields). For a survey of higher local fields and associated algebraic theories see (Morrow12).

One of the main new developments is the theory translation invariant measure and integration on higher local fields, a higher Haar measure, see (Fesenko03), (Fesenko06), (Morrow10). This measure takes values not in \mathbb{C} but in ((X))\mathbb{C}((X)). Fourier transform with respect to this rigorously defined measure has many features similar to those of the Feynman path integral, the latter still does not have a rigorous math justification, see (Fesenko 06, sect. 18).


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