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Invariant theory studies invariants: algebraic entities – for instance elements in a ring – invariant under some group action.

In geometric invariant theory one regards the algebraic objects as formally dual to a geometric space and interprets the invariants as functions on a quotient space.


Let VV be a (graded) vector space equipped with the action ρ\rho of a group GG. This induces an action on the symmetric tensor powers Sym nVSym^n V. A linear map out of sums of such symmetric powers is called a polynomial on VV. It is an invariant polynomial if it is invariant under the group action, hence if for every gGg \in G we have (writing it for a homogeneous polynomial for convenience)

f(ρ g(x 1),,ρ g(x))=f(x 1,,x n). f(\rho_g(x_1), \cdots, \rho_g(x)) = f(x_1, \cdots, x_n) \,.

For instance if GG is a Lie group and V=𝔤V = \mathfrak{g} is its Lie algebra, there is a canonical adjoint action ρ=Ad\rho = Ad of GG on Sym n𝔤Sym^n \mathfrak{g}. The corresponding invariant polynomials play a central role in Lie theory, notably via Chern-Weil theory. In this case the AdAd-invariance is often expressed in its differential form (obtained by differentiating the above equation at the neutral element), where it says that for all y𝔤y \in \mathfrak{g} we have

f([y,x 1],,x n)++f(x 1,,[y,x n])=0. f([y,x_1], \cdots, x_n) + \cdots + f(x_1, \cdots, [y,x_n]) = 0 \,.


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