nLab quantum information theory via string diagrams -- references

Quantum information theory via String diagrams

Quantum information theory via String diagrams

The observation that a natural language for quantum information theory and quantum computation, specifically for quantum circuit diagrams, is that of string diagrams in †-compact categories (see quantum information theory via dagger-compact categories):

On the relation to quantum logic/linear logic:

Early exposition with introduction to monoidal category theory:

Review in contrast to quantum logic:

and with emphasis on quantum computation:

Generalization to quantum operations on mixed states (completely positive maps of density matrices):

Formalization of quantum measurement via Frobenius algebra-structures:

Textbook accounts (with background on relevant monoidal category theory):

Refinement to the ZX-calculus for specific control of quantum circuit-diagrams:

Relating the ZX-calculus to braided fusion categories for anyon braiding:

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