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Twisted differential K-theory is the twisted differential cohomology version K-theory: the combination of differential K-theory and twisted K-theory.

Roughly this is an extension of twisted de Rham cohomology by twisted K-theory via the twisted Chern character map.

To the extent that D-brane charge is classified by K-theory (see there), it is twisted differential K-theory that is relevant: the differential aspect captures the higher gauge field called the RR-field, and the twisted aspects captures the higher gauge field called the B-field, in string theory.

This example of D-brane charge used to be one of the main motivations for finding a definition and construction of twisted differential cohomology theories. Earlier articles on D-brane charge had to assume that such a theory exists (e.g. DFM 09). Actual models now exist (Grady-Sati 19a, Grady-Sati 19b)


Preliminary discussion included

and specifically the need for twisted differential K-theory for the description of type II string theory backgrounds with their RR-fields and B-fields on orientifolds was highlighted in

Actual constructions appear with

Review in

A definition and proof of its pertinent properties of twisted differential cohomology in general and of twisted differential K-theory in particular is due to

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More detailed discussion of twisted differential K-theory for KU/KO and its application to K-theory classification of D-brane charge:

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