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The best way to contact me is to send an email to [email protected] or to [email protected].

my position

I am researcher in the department Algebra, Geometry and Mathematical Physics of the Institute of Mathematics at the Czech Academy of the Sciences (CAS) in Prague.

Presently I am on leave at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn.

my research

My research is about mathematical theory building in theoretical fundamental physics. For informal exposition see below.

With Hisham Sati I have edited a survey book that should give a good sense of modern insights into the general abstract structure of the world:

I am writing a monograph about a modern approach to this subject:

An expository survey text is here:

and survey talks are here:


In summer 2014 I taught a master course

In summer 2015 I taught a seminar

Since summer 2015 I have given several enactments of a lecture series

In summer 2016 I taught a master course

and organized a seminar on

In winter 2016/17 I am giving a lecture on

In summer 2017 I will be teaching

A list of further teaching in the past is here.


For a list of research articles that I have written see the public preprint server

or my


invited talks and lectures

For a chronological list of invited talk and lectures that I have given see here:


For a list of students whose thesis work I have been supervising see here:


nLab banner

I like to put information into context. For that purpose I had started the

in November 2008. It has now more than 11,600 pages (some very short, but some very long). In May 2015 the nnLab installation migrated from a server paid out of my pocket to a server hosted at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, funded by Steve Awodey’s MURI grant for homotopy type theory research.

For more on what the nnLab is see also


I am writing an irregular column at PhysicsForums Insights. Recent articles in the series include these:

more on the web

For logs of further activity see my page

and for links to technical discussions about maths and physics see my pages

copyright statement

To the extent that it matters, my contributions to the nLab are copyrighted according to CC BY-SA 3.0.

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