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I work in
the Mathematics Division of Science
of New York University in Abu Dhabi
in the group of Prof. Hisham Sati leading the
Research Center for Quantum and Topological Systems
(see at CQTS for latest activity).



I am researching mathematical and fundamental physics (e.g. on Hypothesis H and Quantum Systems).

For latest talk notes see here

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I like to put math/phys information into context.
For that purpose I had started (in Nov 2008)

with edit logs and discussion being had on:

For more on the nnLab, see:

more web logs

For logs of further activity see

while n n Lab-edits are announced

For links to technical discussions about math and physics see my pages:


See behind the links for detailed lecture notes that I wrote:

datelecture notes
winter \,\, 2017Mathematical Quantum Field Theory
summer 2017Topological K-Theory
summer 2017Topology
winter \,\, 2016Super Cartan Geometry
summer 2016Complex oriented cohomology theory
summer 2016Stable Homotopy Theory
summer 2015Structure Theory for Higher WZW Terms
summer 2015Higher Cartan Geometry
summer 2014Homological Algebra

A list of further teaching in the past is here.


I used to write an irregular column at PhysicsForums Insights. Articles in the series include these:

on pre-quantum field theory

on perturbative quantum field theory

on string theory

copyright statement

To the extent that it matters, my contributions to the nLab are copyrighted according to CC BY-SA 3.0.

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