Schreiber Higher geometric prequantum theory

An article that we have written:

on the higher geometric refinement of prequantum field theory and geometric prequantization formulated generally in cohesive higher geometry.

In the companion article L-∞ algebras of local observables from higher prequantum bundles we discuss the L-∞ algebraic aspects in more detail. See also the discussion at higher Atiyah groupoid.

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We develop the refinement of geometric prequantum theory to higher geometry (higher stacks), where a prequantization is given by a higher principal connection (a higher gerbe with connection). We show how there is canonically a tower of higher “gauge groupoids” assigned to a higher prequantization and establish the higher and integrated Kostant-Souriau extension of higher Hamiltonian symplectomorphisms fairly generally. In the special case of higher differential geometry over smooth manifolds we find the L-∞ algebra extension of Hamiltonian vector fields which is the higher-Poisson bracket of local observables and show that it is equivalent to the construction in n-plectic geometry proposed by Rogers. Finally we indicate examples of applications of higher prequantum theory in the extended geometric quantization of local quantum field theories and specifically in string geometry.

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