Schreiber master thesis Stel


This text contains an error in the proof of theorem 30. On page 15 one finds an array of claimed isomorphisms. Of those the one identifying the second with the third is not an isomorphism. The author confuses the set of morphisms with the chain complex of morphisms. The isomorphism is needed on the chain complex, but exists only on the hom set.



For TT any abelian Lawvere theory, we establish a Quillen adjunction between model category structures on cosimplicial T-algebras and on simplicial presheaves over duals of TT-algebras, whose left adjoint forms algebras of functions with values in the canonical TT-line object. We find mild general conditions under which this descends to the local model structure that models ∞-stacks over duals of TT-algebras.

For TT the theory of associative algebras this reproduces the situation in Toën‘s Champs affine. We consider the case where TT is the theory of smooth algebras: the case of synthetic differential geometry. In particular, we work towards a definition of smooth \infty-vector bundles with flat connection. To that end we analyse the tangent category of the category of smooth algebras and Kock’s simplicial model for synthetic combinatorial differential forms which may be understood as an ∞-categorification of Grothendieck’s de Rham space functor.

Further discussion

More on the topics discussed in this thesis can be found at function algebras on ∞-stacks .

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