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A cosimplicial algebra – similarly a cosimplicial ring – is a cosimplicial object in the category of algebras (of rings).

Relation to differential graded algebras

Under the monoidal Dold–Kan correspondence, cosimplicial algebras are essentially identified with differential graded algebras in non-negative degree: the Moore cochain complex C (A)C^\bullet(A) of a cosimplicial algebra AA is a differential graded algebra where the degreewise product on the cosimplicial algebra maps to the cup product operation that gives the monoid structure C (A)C^\bullet(A).

Model category structure

A standard model category structure on the category of cosimplicial rings is the following

  • fibrations are the degreewise surjections

  • weak equivalences are the morphisms that induce isomorphisms in cohomotopy

  • cofibrations are defined by their left lifting property.

For more see model structure on cosimplicial algebras.

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  • As cosimplcial algebras are dual to simplicial spaces, each simplicial space XX gives rise to a cosimplicial algebra of functions on it. A list of examples is given at Chevalley-Eilenberg algebra.


The model category structure on cosimplicial algebras is discussed in detail in:

The Quillen equivalence between cosimplicial algebras and cochain dg-algebras is discussed in

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A bit about cosimplicial algebras is in section 7 of

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This also discusses aspects of their image in dg-algebras under the Moore complex-functor. See monoidal Dold-Kan correspondence for more on that.

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