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Homepage for the circle of public pages related to engibot and ibecologic, all pages from the circle which are not of general interest are recommended to be named in the format eb somename.

One could add a page called eb sample1?, eb sandbox?

Private (passworded) extension of the circle can be found at ebp home.

Blockchain, fintech and digital security

Startups and innovation

Incentivization of customers and employees

  • Allan Schweyer (IRF full study) Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence in people management pdf, The impact and potential of artificial intelligence in incentives, rewards, and recognition Sep 24, 2018 pdf
  • A. Goel et al. Network formation of coalition loyalty programs pdf
  • Y. Cao, A. L. Nsakanda, M. Diaby, M. J. Armstrong, Rewards-supply planning under option contracts in managing coalition loyalty programmes, International Journal of Production Research 53(22):6772-6786, 2015 doi
  • Gtmhub - Employee Experience and OKRs Ebook-October2018.pdf
  • On the integration of trust with negotiation

Funding calls (natječaji)

EIC SME instrument

Phase 1 deadlines: May 7, 2019 and Sep 5, 2019

Phase 2 deadlines: June 5, 2019 and blended funds Oct 9, 2019; Jan 8, March 18, May 19, Oct 7, 2020




Domestic calls

Events/conferences of interest


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