Tychonoff product

Tychonoff product


The Tychonoff product (named for Andrey Tikhonov) is simply the product in the category Top of topological spaces and continuous maps.

It is the usual notion of ‘product’ of topological spaces, but should be distinguished from the box product?, which is sometimes useful. (They are the same for finite products.)


Let (X i) i(X_i)_i be a family of topological spaces. Consider the cartesian product i|X i|\prod_i {|X_i|} of the underlying sets of these spaces. This set comes with projection maps π i: j|X j|X i\pi_i\colon \prod_j {|X_j|} \to X_i.


The Tychonoff topology or product topology on i|X i|\prod_i {|X_i|} is the initial topology generated by the π i\pi_i. The Tychonoff product or topological product or simply product of the spaces X iX_i is the set i|X i|\prod_i {|X_i|} equipped with the Tychonoff product topology.


Of course, the maps π i\pi_i are continuous maps, so we have a cone in Top.


This is in fact a product cone in TopTop.

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