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The 2-category AdjAdj is the free-standing adjunction (walking adjunction).

A 2-functor AdjKAdj \to K is an adjunction in the 2-category KK. These 2-functors form one version of the 2-category of adjunctions of KK.


AdjAdj is the 2-category freely generated by

  • two objects: aa and bb,

  • two morphisms: L:abL: a \to b and R:baR: b \to a,

  • and two 2-morphisms, called the “unit” and “counit”: i:1 aLRi: 1_a \to L R and e:RL1 be: R L \to 1_b, satisfying two relations, called the “triangle equations”.

The restrictions of the free-standing adjunction, AdjAdj, to the sub-2-categories spanned by one endpoint, aa, or the other, bb, define the free-standing monad and the free-standing comonad.


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