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A Batanin ω\omega-category is a weak ∞-category defined as an algebra over a suitable contractible globular operad. So this is an algebraic definition of higher category.

The definition is similar to that of Trimble n-category (which is actually a special case of a Batanin ω\omega-category) and similar to the definition of Grothendieck-Maltsiniotis infinity-category.


When a weak \infty-category is modeled as a module over an OO-operad, morphisms of modules F:CDF : C \to D will correspond to strict \infty functors. To get weak \infty-functors one has to resolve CC.

One way to do this is described in (Garner).


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Work towards establishing the homotopy hypothesis for Batanin ω\omega-groupoids can be found here:

  • Clemens Berger, A cellular nerve for higher categories, Advances in Mathematics 169, 118-175 (2002) (pdf)

A nice introduction to this subject is:

  • Eugenia Cheng, Batanin omega-groupoids and the homotopy hypothesis, (recorded lecture) from the Fields Institute Workshop on Higher Categories and their Applications, January 10, 2007.

A discussion of weak ω\omega-functors between Batanin ω\omega-categories is in

An application of Batanin weak ω\omega-groupoids to homotopy type theory appears in

A discussion of weak ω\omega-functors between Batanin ω\omega-categories, and all kind of weak nn-transformations in the spirit of Batanin approach, with an emphasis to the possibility to the existence of the weak ω\omega-category of the weak ω\omega-categories in Batanin’s sense appears in

  • Camell Kachour, Steps toward the weak higher category of weak higher categories in the globular setting, published in Categories and General Algebraic Structures with Applications (2015). (web)

Batanin weak ω\omega-categories were further developed here:

  • Tom Leinster, Higher Operads, Higher Categories, London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series 298, Cambridge University Press, 2004. (arXiv:math/0305049)

An approach to Batanin’s weak ω\omega-categories that also sets up a definition of Trimble infinity-category and a fundamental infinity-groupoid construction is here:

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