Deligne-Mumford stack



A Deligne-Mumford stack is the analogue in algebraic geometry of what in differential geometry is an orbifold: a stack quotient of a scheme over the étale site all whose automorphism groups are finite groups.

These are what originally were called algebraic stacks. The latter term nowadays often refers to the more general notion of Artin stack, where the automorphism groups are allowed to be more generally algebraic groups. This case is the algebraic version of the general notion of geometric stack.


Given a scheme SS. A SS-stack XX (i.e under the Grothendieck construction a category fibered in groupoids over (Aff/S) et(Aff/S)_{et} satisfying descent) is Deligne-Mumford when it has a representable, separable and quasi-compact diagonal Δ:XX× SX\Delta: X\rightarrow X\times_S X and a covering P:AXP:A\rightarrow X which is surjective, representable and etale, by an algebraic space AA.

Deligne-Mumford stacks correspond to moduli problems in which the objects being parametrized have finite automorphism groups. See also algebraic stack.

As a generalized scheme

From the perspective of derived algebraic geometrys a Deligne-Mumford stack is a special case of a generalized scheme (or GG-scheme for GG a geometry (for structured (∞,1)-toposes)) as follows:

Definition (etale geometry)

StSp Def 2.6.12

For kk a commutative ring, let the etale geometry G et(k)G_{et}(k) be the geometry (for structured (∞,1)-toposes) defined as follows:


SrSp Thm. 2.6.16

An (∞,1)-presheaf F:CRing kGrpdF : CRing_k \to \infty Grpd is a Deligne-Mumford stack precisely if it is representable by a G et(k)G_{et}(k)-generalized scheme (X,O X)(X,O_X) such that XX is 1-localic.

In moduli space theory

An important source of DM-stacks are moduli problems, resulting often in moduli stacks (or their derived versions).


DM-stacks are introduced in

  • Pierre Deligne, D. Mumford, The irreducibility of the space of curves of given genus . Publications Mathématiques de l’IHÉS (Paris) 36: 75–109 (1969) numdam

Characterization of higher Deligne-Mumford stacks (see generalized scheme) are in

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