nLab Fosco Loregian

I am an Italian postdoc.

I’m a former student of Domenico Fiorenza. I owe him my mathematical everything.

I’ve been a postdoc in all these places:

  • University of Western Ontario, (CA)
  • Masaryk University (CZ)
  • Max Planck Institute for Mathematics (D)
  • Center of Mathematics, University of Coimbra (PT)

Currently, I am in Tallinn in the compositionality group of Pawel Sobocinski.

Here’s a list of the papers I’ve written: link

This is my personal website. It’s way more up to date than the nLab…

Write me an email any time!

Selected writings

Review of cohesion (cohesive toposes) and differential cohesion:

On optics (in computer science):

On (discrete) Grothendieck fibrations and profunctors:

On ends and coends:

On t-structures and reflective factorization systems:

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