nLab Fosco Loregian

I am an Italian postdoc.

I’m a former student of Domenico Fiorenza. I owe him my mathematical everything.

I’ve been a postdoc in all these places:

  • University of Western Ontario, (CA)
  • Masaryk University (CZ)
  • Max Planck Institute for Mathematics (D)
  • Center of Mathematics, University of Coimbra (PT)

Currently, I am in Tallinn in the compositionality group of Pawel Sobocinski.

Here’s a list of the papers I’ve written: link

This is my personal website. It’s way more up to date than this page here…

Write me an email any time!

Selected writings

On formal category theory:

Review of cohesion (cohesive toposes) and differential cohesion:

On optics (in computer science):

On (discrete) Grothendieck fibrations and profunctors:

On ends and coends:

On t-structures and reflective factorization systems:

On the adjoint functor theorem in the context of lax-idempotent 2-monads:

A formal category theoretic account of Gabriel-Ulmer dualities using KZ-doctrines:

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