nLab Gabriele Honecker

Selected writings

On intersecting D-brane models on toroidal orbifolds/orientifolds with RR-field tadpole cancellation with branes at angles:

Specifically on MSSM string phenomenology of such models:

  • Jill Ecker, Gabriele Honecker, Wieland Staessens, D6-Brane Model Building on 2× 6\mathbb{Z}_2 \times \mathbb{Z}_6: MSSM-like and Left-Right Symmetric Models, Nuclear Physics B Volume 901, December 2015, Pages 139-215, (arXiv:1509.00048)

  • Gabriele Honecker, From Type II string theory towards BSM/dark sector physics, International Journal of Modern Physics A Vol. 31 (2016) 1630050 (arXiv:1610.00007)

Specifically on the landscape of such models:

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