nLab Jack Morava

Selected writings

On cobordism cohomology theory, algebraic topology and chromatic homotopy theory:

On stable cohomotopy as the algebraic K-theory of FinSet:

Comments on the analogy between power operations in homotopy theory and Lambda ring structure in Borger's absolute geometry:

On configuration spaces of points and a possible Galois group over the sphere spectrum:

On prime spectrum of a symmetric monoidal stable (∞,1)-category:

On the cosmic Galois group:

On orbifolds in mathematical physics and in particular string theory:

On prequantized (and polarized) symplectic manifolds in the context of cobordism rings and Thom spectra:

  • Jack Morava, Cobordism of symplectic manifolds and asymptotic expansions, talk at the conference in honor of S.P. Novikov’s 60th birthday (arXiv:9908070)

On the Weinstein symplectic category:

On quotient stacks:

On the canonical formula of myth:

  • Jack Morava, On the Canonical Formula of C. Lévi-Strauss , arXiv.0306174v2 (2003). (abstract)

  • Jack Morava, Une interprétation mathématique de la formule canonique de Claude Lévi-Strauss , Cahiers de L’Herne 88 (2004) pp.216-218.

  • Jack Morava, From Lévi-Strauss to Chaos and Complexity , in Mosko, Damon (eds.), On the Order of Chaos , Berghahn Oxford 2005.

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