nLab Jim Stasheff

Selected writings

On A n A_n -spaces and A-∞ algebras:

On characteristic classes:

On the simplicial de Rham complex and equivariant de Rham cohomology:

On dg-Lie algebras and L-∞ algebras:

  • Jim Stasheff, Differential graded Lie algebras, quasi-Hopf algebras and higher homotopy algebras, in Quantum groups Number 1510 in Lecture Notes in Math. Springer, Berlin, 1992

  • Tom Lada, Jim Stasheff, Introduction to sh Lie algebras for physicists, Int. J. Theo. Phys. 32 (1993), 1087–1103. (arXiv:hep-th/9209099)

On connections on principal ∞-bundles:

On differential string structures:

On homotopy theory in physics:

On recognition of relative loop spaces:

A proposal for understanding tensor hierarchies as L-infinity algebra-refinenents of Leibniz algebras:

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