nLab Kathryn Hess

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Selected writings

  • Homotopic Hopf-Galois extensions: foundations and examples, arxiv/0902.3393

On descent:

  • A general framework for homotopic descent and codescent (arXiv/1001.1556)

On rational homotopy theory:

On the Adams-Hilton model for the Pontrjagin ring-structure on the singular chain complex of a based loop space:

On model categories of coalgebras over a comonad via left-left transfer (left-induction):

Further on left-transferred model structures and model structures on functors:

On simply connected homotopy types as the comodules in spectra over the comonad Σ Ω \Sigma^\infty \Omega^\infty (the exponential modality, see there) induced by the stabilization adjunction:

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