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of representability by Deligne-Mumford stacks in E-∞ geometry (“geometric ∞-stacks”).

This provides the main technical ingredient, Proposition 4.1, in A Survey of Elliptic Cohomology, on the Goerss-Hopkins-Miller-Lurie theorem.

More concrete implementations of the main theorem appear in


1. Cotangent complex

2. Properties of moduli functors

2.1 Nilcomplete, Cohesive, and Integrable Functors

2.2 Relativized properties of functors

2.3 Finiteness conditions on functors

2.4 Moduli of spectral Deligne-Mumford stacks

3. Representability theorems

4. Tangent complexes and dualizing modules

4.1 The tangent complex

4.2 Dualizing modules

4.3 Existence of dualizing modules

4.4 A linear representability criterion

4.5 Existence of cotangent complexes

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