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A cellular set is a presheaf on the Theta-category (also called the cell category or (Joyal’s) disk category), analogous to how a simplicial set is a presheaf on the simplex category.

Cellular sets provide one approach to higher categories and abstract study of homotopy types, for example in Joyal’s approach to higher quasicategories, which are a variety of (∞,n)-categories (for n=1n=1).

One detailed development of a model of (∞,n)-categories in terms of presheaves on disk categories is the notion of Theta space.


Segal condition

A cellular set that satisfies the cellular Segal condition is an omega-category.

Model category strucuture

There is a model category structure on presheaves on Θ n\Theta_n which models (∞,n)-categories. See at model structure on cellular sets and at n-quasicategory.


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A sketch of some of related combinatorics “on open boxes and prisms” is in one of the chapters in Joyal’s Barcelona course.

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