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The classical model category structure on pointed topological spaces Top Quillen */Top^{\ast/}_{Quillen} is the model structure on pointed objects of the classical model structure on topological spaces Top QuillenTop_{Quillen} under the point (a pointed model category).

Equipped with the smash product this is a monoidal model category.


Cofibrant generation

Recall that the generatic cofibrations of the classical model structure on topological spaces are

I Top{S n1ι nD n} n I_{Top} \coloneqq \left\{ S^{n-1} \overset{\iota_n}{\longrightarrow} D^n \right\}_{n \in \mathbb{N}}

and the generating acylic cofibrations are

J Top{D n(id,δ 0)D n×I} n. J_{Top} \coloneqq \left\{ D^n \overset{(id,\delta_0)}{\longrightarrow} D^n \times I \right\}_{n \in \mathbb{N}} \,.


() +:TopTop */ (-)_+ \;\colon\; Top \longrightarrow Top^{\ast/}

for the operation of freely adjoining a basepoint.


The coslice model structure (Top Quillen) */(Top_{Quillen})^{\ast/} is itself cofibrantly generated, with generating cofibrations

I Top */={S + n1(ι n) +D + n} I_{Top^{\ast/}} = \left\{ S^{n-1}_+ \overset{(\iota_n)_+}{\longrightarrow} D^n_+ \right\}

and generating acyclic cofibrations

J Top */={D + n(id,δ 0) +(D n×I) +}. J_{Top^{\ast/}} = \left\{ D^n_+ \overset{(id, \delta_0)_+}{\longrightarrow} (D^n \times I)_+ \right\} \,.

This is a special case of a general statement about cofibrant generation of coslice model structures, see this proposition.


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