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Homotopy theory

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Basic facts




A cell complex is an object in a category which is obtained by successively “gluing cells” via pushouts.


Let CC be a category with colimits and equipped with a set Mor(C)\mathcal{I} \subset Mor(C) of morphisms.

In practice CC is usually a cofibrantly generated model category with set \mathcal{I} of generating cofibrations and set 𝒥\mathcal{J} of acyclic generating cofibrations.

An \mathcal{I}-cell complex in CC is an object XX which is connected to the initial object X\emptyset \to X by a transfinite composition of pushouts of the generating cofibrations in \mathcal{I}.

A relative \mathcal{I}-cell complex (relative to any object AA) is any morphism AXA \to X obtained like this starting from AA.

A finite cell complex or countable cell complex is a cell complex with a finite set or a countable set of cells, respectively.


examples of universal constructions of topological spaces:

\, point space\,\, empty space \,
\, product topological space \,\, disjoint union topological space \,
\, topological subspace \,\, quotient topological space \,
\, fiber space \,\, space attachment \,
\, mapping cocylinder, mapping cocone \,\, mapping cylinder, mapping cone, mapping telescope \,
\, cell complex, CW-complex \,


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A discussion in the context of algebraic model categories is in

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