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A locally closed subtopos generalizes the concept of a locally closed subspace from topology to toposes.


A subtopos j\mathcal{E}_j\hookrightarrow\mathcal{E} is called locally closed if it is the meet j= o c\mathcal{E}_j=\mathcal{E}_o\cap\mathcal{E}_c of an open subtopos o\mathcal{E}_o and a closed subtopos c\mathcal{E}_c in the lattice of subtoposes of \mathcal{E}.


  • Since \mathcal{E} is closed as well as open in itself, its closed and open subtoposes are trivially locally closed.

  • Since open and closed subtoposes are complemented in the lattice of subtoposes, the join of the complements ¯ o¯ c\bar\mathcal{E}_{o}\cup\bar\mathcal{E}_{c} provides a complement for a locally closed subtopos j= o c\mathcal{E}_j=\mathcal{E}_o\cap\mathcal{E}_c.

  • j\mathcal{E}_j is locally closed iff j\mathcal{E}_j\hookrightarrow\mathcal{E} can be factored into an open followed by a closed inclusion.

  • A locally closed subtopos of an exponentiable topos is itself exponentiable (cf. Johnstone (2002, p.749)).


  • A way to realize a topos j\mathcal{E}_j as a locally closed subtoposes is by repeated Artin gluing to appropriate left exact functors f 1: j 1f_1:\mathcal{E}_j\to \mathcal {F}_1 and f 2: 2Gl(f 1)f_2:\mathcal{F}_2\to Gl(f_1). Then j\mathcal{E}_j is open in Gl(f 1)Gl(f_1) which itself is closed in Gl(f 2)Gl(f_2) whence by the above remark on factorisations jGl(f 2)\mathcal{E}_j\hookrightarrow Gl(f_2) is locally closed.

  • Locally closed subspaces YY of topological spaces XX yield locally closed subtoposes of the corresponding sheaf topos Sh(Y)Sh(X)Sh(Y)\hookrightarrow Sh(X) e.g. let XX be the space on {a,b,c}\{a,b,c\} with non-trivial open subsets {a}\{a\}, {a,b}\{a,b\}. Then {b}\{b\} as the intersection of {a,b}\{a,b\} with the closed subset {b,c}\{b,c\} is a locally closed subset to which a neither closed nor open but locally closed copy of SetSet corresponds in the lattice of subtoposes of Sh(X)Sh(X).


Bunge and Niefield (2000) consider general notions of locally closed subcategory and locally closed geometric morphism.


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