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In cohomology of topological spaces/homotopy types, the suspension isomorphism identifies the degree-nn reduced cohomology of a pointed space XX with the degree-(n+k)(n+k) cohomology of its kk-fold suspension, hence of its smash product with the kk-sphere

H˜ n(X,E)H˜ n+k(S kX,E). \tilde H^n(X,E) \simeq \tilde H^{n+k}(S^k \wedge X, E) \,.

In particular this serves to express cohomology in negative degree in terms of cohomology in non-negative degree of suspended spaces.

Requiring this to hold in equivariant cohomology theory not just for integer grading and spheres but also for RO(G)-grading and representation spheres leads to the concept of genuine equivariant cohomology represented by genuine G-spectra.


Textbook accounts include

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In equivariant homotopy theory:

  • Peter May, chapter XI of Equivariant homotopy and cohomology theory, CBMS Regional Conference Series in Mathematics, vol. 91, Published for the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences, Washington, DC, 1996. With contributions by M. Cole, G. Comezana, S. Costenoble, A. D. Elmenddorf, J. P. C. Greenlees, L. G. Lewis, Jr., R. J. Piacenza, G. Triantafillou, and S. Waner. (pdf)

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