Conner-Floyd isomorphism



Conner-Floyd isomorphism is an isomorphism

K *(X)U *(X) Ω U K^*(X)\cong U^*(X)\otimes_{\Omega_U}\mathbb{Z}

where Ω U\Omega_U is the cobordism ring of almost complex manifolds and \mathbb{Z} has a structure of Ω U\Omega_U-module via the Todd class.

Literature and variants

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Russian transl. of above: Коннер П., Флойд Э. 0 соотношении теории кобордизмов и К-теории. - Дополнение к кн.: Гладкие периодические отображения. - М.: Мир, 1969. djvu

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For an equivariant generalization see

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There is also a motivic version. See

  • David Gepner, Victor Snaith, On the motivic spectra representing algebraic cobordism and algebraic K-theory, Doc. Math., 14:359–396 (electronic), 2009, pdf

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