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Cohesive toposes



According to Hegel Science of Logic (§ 191) Dasein (“determinate being”) is the Aufhebung of becoming, which in turn is the unity of opposites of nothing and being.

becoming :nothing\;\;\;\dashvbeing: ceasing

According to Hegel Phenomenology of Spirit (Vorrede §55) this is the Nous of Anaxagoras.

Following suggestions by William Lawvere as discussed in detail at Aufhebung – Examples – Aufhebung of Becoming – Determinate being, this is formalized by the level given by the sharp modality in its opposition to the flat modality:

Dasein *. \array{ \flat \; &\dashv& \;\;\sharp \\ \vee \; &\nearrow_{\mathrlap{Dasein}}& \;\;\vee \\ \emptyset \; &\dashv& \;\;\ast } \,.

So \sharp is a higher level version of *\ast (being). Indeed, this is the statement of (SoL § 194).

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