nLab Dmitrij Volkov

Selected writings:

The idea of supergravity was proposed by

  • Dmitry Volkov, V. P. Akulov, Possible universal neutrino interaction, ZhETF Pis. Red. (JETP Letters, AIP translation), 16, n.11 (1972) 621 (pdf)

followed up by the first model of supergravity (in nonlinear realization) constructed in

On D=4 supergravity formulated in superspace:

On Freund-Rubin compactification of D=11 and D=10 supergravity:

Om the super particle and the spinning particle:

On the history of supergravity:

On kappa-symmetry explained via the superembedding approach:

On superstrings and super membranes formulated in superspace:

On the derivation of the equations of motion for the superstring and the M2-brane via the superembedding approach:

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