nLab Igor Bandos

Selected writings

On the superembedding approach for super p p -branes/Green-Schwarz sigma-models:

Related discussion in the purely bosonic situation:

On superstrings and super membranes formulated in superspace:

On the Green-Schwarz sigma-model for the M5-brane:

On type II supergravity:

On double supergeometry:

On super-exceptional generalized geometry:

  • Igor Bandos, Exceptional field theories, superparticles in an enlarged 11D superspace and higher spin theories, Nucl. Phys. B925 (2017) 28-62 (arXiv:1612.01321)

On membranes in D=4 supergravity (super 2-brane in 4d):

Proposal for a non-abelian and supersymmetric DBI-action for coincident D0-branes:

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