nLab Handbook of Quantum Gravity

This page compiles pointers to material contained in the (upcoming) book collection:

  • C. Bambi, L. Modesto and Ilya Shapiro:

    Handbook of Quantum Gravity

    Springer (expected in 2023)

on aspects of (perturbative) quantum gravity.


On perturbative quantum gravity:

viewed as an effective quantum field theory:

On gauge invariant renormalization of perturbative quantum gravity:

On renormalization of perturbative quantum gravity with higher curvature corrections:

On gravitational waves in quantum gravity:

On black hole thermodynamics in perturbative quantum gravity:

On the soft graviton theorem:

On the pure spinor Berkovits superstring:

On D=4 N=1 supergravity formulated via superspace:

On D=4 N=2 supergravity formulated via superspace:

On the D'Auria-Fré formulation of supergravity:

On quantum anomalies and the Green-Schwarz mechanism:

On the super-embedding formalism for Green-Schwarz superstrings and super p p -branes:

On asymptotic safety:

On non-locality:

On causal dynamical triangulation:

On Hořava–Lifshitz gravity?:

  • Andrei O. Barvinsky, Horava models as palladium of unitarity and renormalizability in quantum gravity [arXiv:2301.13580]


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